Friday, March 11, 2016

Chronic Fatigue, Depression

Chronic fatigue is not medically considered or classified as a disease, which is unfortunate considering the great degree to which it effects so many people, especially those over forty. Fatigue is often a symptom of accelerated aging, hormone imbalances, poor eating habits, and improper exercising. Fatigue and weight loss go hand in hand. Many people say they are highly motivated to begin a diet and exercise program but simply lack the energy because of overwhelming chronic fatigue. Even younger people suffer from fatigue because of overtraining and improper exercising. By addressing the problems of aging, hormone imbalances, and appropriate diet and exercise, the Hormone Revolution Weight-Loss Plan eliminates the burden of fatigue.

Memory Impairment

Memory Impairment As we age, many of our cognitive functions decline. Most people eventually succumb to age-associated memory impairment (AAMI), a slow and subtle decline in memory that occurs in aging people. Extreme cases result in Alzheimer’s disease, a serious condition that involves significant declines in our capacity to carry out almost all daily life functions. Loss of memory is a problem even for young people, and losing the ability to remember, concentrate, and focus also greatly detracts from your enjoyment of life. Diets that lead to starvation are especially likely to make it more difficult for you to concentrate and focus on your life’s daily tasks.

Cancer, Diabetes, Colds and Flus

Cancer, Hormone balancing is very important for fighting many different types of cancer. For example, prostate cancer develops in many older men whose testosterone levels have dropped and estrogen levels increased. An excess of the wrong types of estrogens and insufficiencies of androgens (such as testosterone and DHEA) in women’s bodies can eventually lead to breast cancer. But, by maintaining a youthful balance of testosterone, estrogen, and other hormones, men and women can greatly decrease their risk of these cancers.

Osteoporosis is a serious problem for many postmenopausal

Osteoporosis is a serious problem for many postmenopausal women as well as a significant risk for men over the age of sixty-five (most men are unfortunately ignorant of this risk). The drop in muscle and bone-building hormones (the same hormones that help you burn fat) with aging leads to loss of bone coupled with weight gain. Osteoporosis advances not only because of aging and loss of hormones but also because of inactivity, ill health, and certain medications. With all these factors taken together, the burned on you weakened bones becomes greater and greater, and your risk of serious fractures increases dramatically. The lack of mobility and the pain associated with osteoporosis fractures (especially hip fractures) can make life very miserable for many people and can lead to disability and even premature death.

FIGHTING DISEASE Some of the most frequently asked questions about the Hormone Revolution program

Some of the most frequently asked questions about the Hormone Revolution program are “is it safe?” and “Does it have any side effects?” my answer to these questions is a resounding “yes”. While conquering obesity on the Hormone Revolution program, you will experience side effects that include a lowered risk of many serious illnesses such as heart and cardiovascular disease, and increased immunity to common ailments such as colds and flush. The leanness and fitness you achieve through this program will bring you a higher level of overall health and physical well-being.


The most proven and widely researched method of extending life is caloric restriction. It has been well demonstrated in many species, from insects to mice, rats, and monkeys. There is a growing consensus among doctors and scientists that eating fewer calories along with optimizing nutrition will add many good-quality years to your life. A diet and exercise program such as this once that leads to long-term caloric restriction also will work as an effective life-extension plan.

Happiness and Fat Loss

Happiness and Fat Loss While having to support excess pounds is physically hard on your body, it is even harsher on your emotional and personal life. Obesity can lead to loss of self-esteem, depression, emotional fatigue, and job and relationship problems. While there is a recent movement accusing those who want to be lean and fit of vanity, the truth is that conquering obesity is often a matter of profound psychological significance. Becoming attractive to yourself and to other is essential to self-esteem and emotional well-being and perhaps even to your financial well-being and professional success.

Use The Internet The internet can be an extremely useful tool for accessin

The internet can be an extremely useful tool for accessing additional health and fitness information and also for enhancing the usefulness of the equipment you use for exercising. While it is not wise to rely on medical information disseminated from the Internet because of the unreliability of its sources and the lack of personal, individual assessment, it is possible to find useful supplemental information for your diet, in particular, as well as for some aspects of your exercise program on the Internet.