Friday, March 11, 2016

Chronic and Fatigue, Depression

Chronic fatigue is not medically considered or classified as a disease, which is unfortunate considering the great degree to which it effects so many people, especially those over forty. Fatigue is often a symptom of accelerated aging, hormone imbalances, poor eating habits, and improper exercising. Fatigue and weight loss go hand in hand.

Many people say they are highly motivated to begin a diet and exercise program but simply lack the energy because of overwhelming chronic fatigue. Even younger people suffer from fatigue because of overtraining and improper exercising.

By addressing the problems of aging, hormone imbalances, and appropriate diet and exercise, the Hormone Revolution Weight-Loss Plan eliminates the burden of fatigue.
Chronic and Fatigue, Depression


Obesity and depression go hand. Depression often leads to excessive eating and thus obesity is often a major source or symptom of depression. Sometimes it is hard to know which comes first, the disturbed eating or the depression. Any program that fights abnormal eating patterns and obesity also will improve symptoms of depression.

Depressed people often seek comfort and relief from anxiety in food, especially sugars and starches. What they do not realize is that the brain is asking for signal balancing, and consuming sugar and starches, along with fats, is how many people self-medicate their mood imbalances.

But this is only a temporary solution, which can be corrected in the long term by hormone balance induced through proper diet and exhilarating exercise.

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