Friday, March 11, 2016

Happiness and Fat Loss

Happiness and Fat Loss While having to support excess pounds is physically hard on your body, it is even harsher on your emotional and personal life. Obesity can lead to loss of self-esteem, depression, emotional fatigue, and job and relationship problems.
Happiness and Fat Loss

While there is a recent movement accusing those who want to be lean and fit of vanity, the truth is that conquering obesity is often a matter of profound psychological significance. Becoming attractive to yourself and to other is essential to self-esteem and emotional well-being and perhaps even to your financial well-being and professional success.

Extending Human Limits

Another important espect of life extension is overcoming personal physical limitations. For many people, obesity limits their ability to perform even trivial daily activities, such as moving efficiently or tying their own shoes, impairing their capacity to enjoy life on the most basic level. In severe cases, some become too obese to walk and are bedridden.

But the stronger and more mobile you are, the greater your capacity to enjoy life. The Hormone Revolution Weight-Loss Plan is intended no to be simply cosmetic but instead to afford people the basic fitness required to maintain a strength of body to carry out life’s functions energetically and enthusiastically.

The program emphasizes standing free-weight exercises not only because these exercises build muscle but also because the strength they impart makes it easier to cope with life’s physical requirements such as lifting and bending. A positive side effect of this body conditioning is that you also will look and feel youthful and fit.

A Sustainable Life-Extension Plan

The challenge in developing my perdita di peso was not choosing the right foods to eat or the right exercises to do. Rather, the biggest challenge for me was finding a program that could be easily maintained by the average person with a family, a busy work schedule, and financial constraints.

Most of us don’t have enough time or money to devote our lives to physical fitness and staying lean. Obligations to our family, friends, and jobs are always our high priorities. But the Hormone Revolution program is designed to save time so that you can fit it into your everyday schedule as easily as possible. Having more energy and greater physical capacity makes you more productive and efficient and allows you more time to enjoy yourself.

I hope this book has helped you to understand the important impact that hormones have on your weight-loss goals and on so many other aspects of your life. I have worked to develop a program that any person, regardless of age or gender, can follow and sustain for a lifetime to achieve the lasting benefits of hormonal balance and fitness. So get started, stick with it, and join the Hormone Revolution!

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