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Periodization of Exercising For Weight Loss

Periodization of Exercising For Weight Loss
Periodization of Exercising For Weight Loss, Another way to maximize the benefits of weight training is through periodization. Periodization is a system of training whereby you continually change the exercise stimulus so that the body’s fat burning and muscle building do not plateau trough its natural adaptive process. Your body always wants go into the state of equilibrium or homeostasis, but by changing exercise sequences you can keep tricking the body into achieving results. After you become confident with your exercise routine, try to vary it with one of the periodization exercises described below. The longer you have been weight training, the more you will feel comfortable varying your routine and the heft of the weights you use.

Samples of Exercise Periodization

Samples Periodization of Exercising For Weight Loss, Sample of Exercising Periodization, Pyramid: Always begin with a strong warm-up set. Then, using the weight that is your max lift, do 1 or 2 reps. Every 2 or 3 reps during the rest of the 10 or 11 reps in this set, use progressively lighter weights. While gradually decreasing the weights, be sure not to use weights so light that you can do more than 10 to 12 total reps.

Perdita di peso : Reverse Pyramid: First do your warm-up set. Then, with each rep, increase the weight incrementally until you hit your max lift. While it varies based on strength and the type of exercise, men can generally increase the weight by 5 pounds after each set, and women can increase by that or a smaller amount (as low as 1 or 2 pounds). When done correctly, you should go into muscle lifting failure.

Exercise Periodization with Machines

Periodization of Exercising For Weight Loss
Machines: While I usually recommend free weight for weight training, you occasionally may want to switch to various weight-lifting machines that use pulleys to give your muscle a slightly different range of motion for your exercises and help increase muscle definition. If you are recovering from an injury, the muscle isolation provided by using machines can help you work toward eventually using free weights again. But remember that standing free-weight exercises are intended to be the core mode of exercise in the Hormone Revolution Exercise Programs because they enhance fat burning. Periodization of Exercising For Weight Loss.

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