Friday, March 11, 2016


The most proven and widely researched method of extending life is caloric restriction. It has been well demonstrated in many species, from insects to mice, rats, and monkeys. There is a growing consensus among doctors and scientists that eating fewer calories along with optimizing nutrition will add many good-quality years to your life.

A diet and exercise program such as this once that leads to long-term caloric restriction also will work as an effective life-extension plan.

Most life-extension plans say nothing about enhancing the pleasures of life while living longer. Spending your life constantly starving or craving foods is no way to live life happily. Therefore, the Hormone Revolution definition of life extension does not just mean staying alive, but extending and increasing your capacity to actually enjoy your life by improving your body functions.

Dieting Without Starvation

The Hormone Revolution Eating Plan allows for eating a wide variety of foods at appropriate times throughout the day. Instead of ignoring the cravings for the foods many people enjoy, this program shows you how to harness these cravings into an effective eating plan that will stimulate your fat-burning hormones and control your appetite. Eating a wide spectrum of foods will keep your appetite under control while enabling you to enjoy the foods you love.

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