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5 Tips Control Fat-Burning Hormones

5 Tips Control Fat-Burning Hormones
How to control Fat burning hormones, 5 Tips Control Fat-Burning Hormones, Our busy and stressful lifestyle aolso can undermine our fat-burning hormones. You may be aware of the many health hazards of too much stress and not enough sleep. But you may not know that stress and lack of sleep can countribute to obesity and make weight and fat loss more difficult. This topic will be discussed extensively in Article 6, but I will give you a brief overview here of the different aspects of your lifestyle that affect your hormones and through them your overall health and fiteness. Perdita di peso

Stress and Fat-Burning Hormones

1. Stress and Fat-Burning Hormones, When you are under too much stress, your body releases “stress hormones” such as cortisol, which lead to increased muscle loss and fat storage. There are two main types of stress : psychological stress, which results from worrying too much and not taking enough breaks from your hectic lifestyle, and physicsl stress, which results from smoking, lack of sleep, drinking too much alcohol, and other unhealthy choices. Both types of stress will sabotage your fat-burning hormones if you are not careful. Failure to take time to relax is a major reason why dieting can be so difficult.

Medication and Fat-Burning Hormones

2. Medication and Fat-Burning Hormones, Many of the madications prescribed to both men and women for common ailments can disrupt our hormonal systems. These are side effects that are usually ignored or even forgotten by many medical doctors. In many cases, alternative drugs that do not disrupt our hormones are available and will be discussed in Article 5.

Sleep and Fat-Burning Hormones

3. Sleep and Fat-Burning Hormones, Sleep is extremely important for harnessing your fat-burning hormones. When you slep, a series of complex chemical messengers in your body signals your brain that more testosterone and human growth hormone production are necessary. Neglecting sleep will distrupt these messengers, denying your body the fat-burning benefits of the increased levels of these important hormones.

Energy and Fat-Burning Hormones

4. Energy and Fat-Burning Hormones, A lack of energy can be a major obstacle to sticking with any weight-loss program that requires such as the hormonerevolution program. And fatigue doesn’t always result from a simple lack of sleep. Many people find that they become more fatigued when they stop exercising for a prolonged periode of time, whereas others get worn out from working out too much. As you will learn in the next two articles, you can combat fatigue through adequate exercise and diet planning that will promote hormone stimulation and boost your energy.

Libido and Fat-Burning Hormones

5. Libido and Fat-Burning Hormones, There is a very strong connection between fat-burning hormones and your libido. Of course, **x hormones have especially potent effect on your libido: if you have a healthy testosterone/estrogen balance, you also will have a healthy libido. As explained later, your libido can be one of the best markers of success while following the hormone Revolution program. If your libido is low, you are likely sabotaging your fat-burning hormones and are clearly on the wrong path. Conversaly, if you are following my program correctly, you can actually increase your libido.

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