Friday, March 11, 2016

Use The Internet The internet can be an extremely

The internet can be an extremely useful tool for accessing additional health and fitness information and also for enhancing the usefulness of the equipment you use for exercising. While it is not wise to rely on medical information disseminated from the Internet because of the unreliability of its sources and the lack of personal, individual assessment, it is possible to find useful supplemental information for your diet, in particular, as well as for some aspects of your exercise program on the Internet.
Use The Internet The internet can be an extremely

One of the calorie-tracking devices even allows you to plug the device into your computer and go to a special webpage where you can download data from the device and produce charts and graphs to illustrate your daily and weekly progress. You can do research on gyms and personal trainers in your area on the Internet.

I personally do not give medical advice over the Internet, as it is impossible to measure heart rate or temperature or to take any other physical measurement online. While giving medical advice online is generally looked down upon by the medical community, online dieting advice has become more and more acceptable.

Many good dietitians and nutritionists can provide you with solid dieting advice over the Internet. It is often difficult to find times to meet with a dietitian or nutritionist, and getting advice over the Internet or by e-mail allows you a much more flexible schedule.

It is a good idea to meet face-to-face at least once, and then you can maintain regular contact through e-mail or the telephone. Many websites also have wonderful recipe ideas, and you can chat and receive support from other dieters.

There are some precautions you should be aware of regarding Internet dieting. Be discriminating when choosing which site to use (see the web resources in the back of this book for information on specific websites). Avoid sites that try to sell you products, as the validity of their nutritional advice is prejudiced by their motivation to make a sale.

Also, some people remain inactive for fat too long during the day because of surfing on the Internet. Those who already turn to the Internet as a result of bedroom, loneliness, and depression are also those most likely to overaet. Finding exercise buddies and friends with whom to exchange recipes and diet tips will enhance your program far more than relying entirely on the Internet.

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