Friday, March 11, 2016


Modern technology has created many new inventions that can be useful for tracking your progress on the Hormone Revolution program. Body-fat scales, calorie-tracking machines, and the Internet can help you measure more accurately how your program is working and determine what you need to do to make better progress.
Body-Fat Scales
Most people track their progress

Most people track their progress while on a diet and exercise program the old-fashioned way-by using their regular weighing scale. While this is efficient for the first four weeks of the program, a regular weight scale will become an increasingly inaccurate measure of your progress as your diet progress.

During the first month of the diet program, body-fat scale measurements will actually be imprecise because they are highly dependent on a consistent amount of water in your body. Both exercise and protein consumption cause your body to lose water, and most of your initial weight loss will come from this water loss as your body adjusts to the new program.

But once your body becomes accustomed to your weight-loss program and you begin making progress, regular scales can actually obscure the results of your diet and exercise.

Your weight can fluctuate as much as 5 to 10 pounds throughout the week and even throughout the day, depending on what and how much you eat and drink and the kind of exercise you do, among other things. For obese people, this number can be even higher. Most of these fluctuations are due to changes in water weight and have nothing to do with calories or fat loss.

Although after the first month of the program you will have a more standard amount of water in your body, additional fluctuations throughout the week will make standard weight measurements useless, thus necessitating an alternative method for measuring fat and muscle in your body.

As mentioned before, an inappropriate diet and exercise program can lead to loss of muscle and can actually make you fatter. While losing weight in this way might make you feel good in the short term, you could actually be increasing the amount of fat in your body without knowing it.

Weighing yourself on a standard scale will not tell you if you are losing pounds as a result of fat loss or muscle loss, which could jeopardize your fitness.

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