Friday, March 11, 2016


MONITORING YOUR DIETARY PROGRESS, Food Log, Most people cheat on their diets far more than they realize. If you are cheating on your diet more than once or twice per week, your progress might be greatly slowed down. Remember, cheating on the Hormone Revolution program not only means that you are eating the wrong foods but also that you are eating the right foods at the wrong times. Keeping a daily food log that includes all your meals and snack (including beverages) from morning to night is the best way to monitor your diet and guard against cheating.

At the bottom of each page containing your daily meals, write a separate list of any items that were “cheat foods” in your diet. This includes any sugary or starchy foods not eaten during the Magic Window or eaten too much during the Magic Window, such as most snack chips, pastries, candies, fast food, and pretty much any other food high in processed starches, sugars, saturated fats, or trans-fats.

During the first week on the perdita di peso, when you have begun exercising but not dieting, cheat foods might account for practically all of your meals. You may be doing a lot of writing during your first week!

During the second and third weeks, you should be listing fewer and fewer foods on your cheat list. If you are exercising regularly, you might be surprised by how your cheat-food consumption drops without much though-almost like you are eating healthier automatically. By the fourth week, you should have practically no cheat foods listed in your log.

If writing down everything you eat every day seems silly to you, think again. People are much more likely to stick with their diets when they are paying close attention to what they eat. It is when you stop thinking so much about your diet that you are likely to slip. This also will be valuable information when troubleshooting problems in achieving your weight-loss goals. Keeping a diet log is crucial to long-term success on the Hormone Revolution diet.

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