Friday, March 11, 2016

Weight Loss Plateus

WEIGHT-LOSS PLATEAUS Weight Loss Plateus, Finding ways to monitor your progress is an extremely important aspect of sticking with your program. We look at ourselves in the mirror every day and often don’t notice the small decreases in weight and fat that are slowly occurring, causing many people to think they are not making progress or to fail to notice that they are not achieving what they should. Knowing exactly how much progress, or how little, you are making is the best way to stay motivated in your diet and exercise program.
Weight Loss Plateus

No matter how consistent your diet, exercise, and supplement program is, your body will build up a tremendous defense against hormone stimulation and a fortified resistance against further weight and fat loss-a plateau. The trick to overcoming this is to identify as soon as possible whether you have actually reached a true hormonal plateau or if you have simply strayed from your Hormone Revolution Weight-Loss Plan.

A true or authentic weight-loss plateau occurs when you experience weight loss and fitness stop or slowdowns after three to six months of noticeable progress even though you have not changed anything in your program. You cannot say you have reached a true plateau unless you have first made some solid, long-term progress.

If you have reached a plateau, first pat yourself on the back for making solid progress for several months. Then you should consider implementing some of the plateau-breaking hormone-booster supplement describes in Article 4 or adjusting your exercise program through periodization or other methods as outlined in Article 2.

However, if you experience few or on results in the program, then you need to take a good look at how you have structured your exercise and diet plans. Monitoring your Hormone Revolution Weight-Loss Plan is the best way to achieve results, by ensuring that you stick to it at all times. Below are several methods for monitoring the success of your program, and some trouble shooting tip.

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