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Type of Exercise For Build Muscle

Type of Exercise For Build Muscle
Type of Exercise For Build Muscle, In this program, you need to find a balance between aerobics and weight training. These two main types of exercise have extremely different effects on your body and your hormones. Unlike many other programs, the Hormone Revolution program emphasize weight training because it has powerful effects on building and preserving muscle and boosting your fat-burning hormone levels.

 Aerobics exercise, when done correctly, strengthens and improves the function of your heart and helps burn fat. Practiced together within the same program, these two forms of exercise fuel each other and enhance your weight-loss potential. But you have to be very careful of which aerobic and weight-training exercise you do and of the duration and intensity with which you do them.

The strong potential the aerobic exercise and weight training have to stimulate hormones causes them to have drug like effects on the body, and they should be treated as such. Type of Exercise For Build Muscle.

For beginners or for people who have not exercised in along time (such as couch potatoes), I recommend starting out by doing aerobic exercise three times per week for 20 to 25 minutes per session.

Every couple of weeks, you can slowly increase the frequency and length of exercise sessions, but aerobic exercise should always be done at low to moderate intensity according to your fitness level. The very maximum amount of aerobic exercise I recommend is six times per week, 60 minutes per session. Always take at least one day off a week to let your body rest and repair. Type of Exercise For Build Muscle

Often, when you are warmed up from lifting or doing cardio, you may not feel any pain. The true sign of overdoing it is what you feel the next day. Muscle and tendons do not ably transmit pain to your brain when they are in the middle of a good exercise session.

During a workout, you brain also produces natural hormones that make you feel high and block feelings of pain. You may not feel an exercise injury unless you have done something drastic like sprain an ankle or severely pull a muscle. I most frequently see symptoms of overexertion when people have been doing the same exercise repeatedly without taking time to recover or have been using a bad technique. The answer to this problem is exercise periodization and splits (which will be discussed later in the article).

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