Saturday, October 3, 2015

Increases Through Exercise and Diet to Take Advantage

Increases Through Exercise and Diet to Take Advantage
Increases Through Exercise and Diet to Take Advantage, Studies have shown some very interesting phenomena in terms of **x hormone reactions to the environment. During a soccer game \, fans of both teams will experience an increase in testosterone levels.

At the end of the game, fans of the winning team will experience an even greater increase in testosterone levels, while the testosterone levels, while the testosterone levels in fans of the losing team will drop back down to normal.

Similarly, men competing for the attention of a woman also experience an increase in testosterone, with the men winning the woman’s favor maintaining higher levels and the loser’s levels returning to normal. Testosterone levels in women increase during ovaluation, motivating them to have **x and reproduce right before their fertility reaches its peak.

The biological reason for this is that your **x hormones are priming you for reproduction during times of elation, but you can learn how to provoke these increases through exercise and diet to take advantage of testosterone’s fat burning power.

What these studies illustrate is that a key to boosting your testosterone levels is to be a “winner”, not nescessarily in terms of sports or reproduction but in terms of lifestyle choices. On the hormone revolution program, you can influence your hormone levels by participating in “ winning activities such as short but intense weight-lifting sessions and by eating several small, balanced meals throughout the day. Because these activities raise your testosterone levels (as you will learn more about in the next two articles), you will be able to take advantage of testosterone’s benefits-muscle stimulation, in creased energy levels, and an enhanced libido.

I have found that most other diet and exercise programs work against you by promoting “losing” activities. The combination of too much aerobics and starvation diets that deprive your body of fat or carbohydrates wears your body down, causing testosterone levels to drop and valuable muscle to be burned. In the long run, you will likely get fatter as a result of following a poor diet and exercise program. But my hormone revolution program is designed to give a winning lifestyle athat allows you to harness the power of your **x hormones to promote fitness.

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