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Harnessing Your Hormones

Harnessing Your Hormones
Harnessing Your Hormones, While a complete description of the hundreds of hormones in your bodyis beyond the scope of this book, there are two key systems of hormones that are worth discussing in term of weight loss-the **x hormones system and the insulin system.

These two system, along with the human growth hormone, are the most influential hormones in weight loss. Different foods and exercises cause chain reactions within these systems that effect functions throughout your body, from energy and appetite to broader lifestyle elements such as libido, sleep, and aging.

Hormones are extremely powerful substances. You have probably heard your doctor talk about hormones, but you really know what they do or how important they are?

Hormones are chemical messengers in your body through which organs communicate with one another. Nearly every bodily function requires a signal from a hormone produced in your body. There are hormones that determine our gender; there are hormones that make you tired and other that give you energy; and there are hormones that cause you to store fat and other that dissolve it. Harnessing Your Hormones.

Perdita di peso, Aging and Harnessing Your Hormones, The wrong reactions within these hormone systems can negatively impact the operation of all of these functions and can actually promote weight gain and overall ill health.

Throughtout this book, you will learn how to stimulate these hormone systems with exercise, diet, supplements, and lifestyle choices in order to influence reactions that will allow you to maximize the health and weight-loss benefits of a balanced hormone system.

The S*x Hormone System anda Harnessing Your Hormones

I am sure you are familiar with the basic **x hormones testosterone and estrogen. Because testosterone is known primarily as the male **x hormone, and estrogen as the female hormone, many are surprised to find that each is found in bouth s**es.

While most people are familiar with the masculinizing or feminizing effects of these hormones, very few are aware of the extremely powerful effects they can have-whether you are male or female-on fat burning and fat stronge.

Harnessing Your Hormones, Estrogen, for example, has potent effects on fat stronge. The fact that woman have a level of estrogen higher than that in men is one key reason woman naturally have more body fat.

Estrogen not only promotes fat strorage, it can also make losing weight and fat much more difficult. In fact, farmers often fatten up their livestock by injecting them with estrogen. Synthetic estrogens commonly sed in hormone replacement therapies and birth control pills are often fat promoting as well. Women prescribed any from of estrogen, especially synthetic forms, should be aware that these drugs can actually by counterproductive to women’s healt by promoting weight gain.

Testosterone, on the other hand, has powerful effects that stimulate fat burning, giving younger men a natural advantage over women when it comes to losing fat. You’ve probably noticed that men under thirty can shed pounds quickly and without much effort.

Teenage boys, in particular, who have very high levels on testosterone promotes muscle growth and preservation, which result in increases in the amount of calories burned even while resting. The same hormone that gives young men their strong **x drive also helps them stay lean.

Harnessing Your Hormones And Age

As we go older and mature past our reproductive age, our **x hormone levels naturally drop. From a biological perspective, this is due to that fact that for thousands of years humans lived only to the age of thirthy or forty, reproducing in their early teens. Today, while our life spans have greatly in-creased to double that of our ancestors, our prime reproductive age still passes relatively early in our lives-when we are in our twenties.

From that age onward, our **x hormones not only assist in reproduction but also in promoting energy, strong bones, fat burning, and muscle building things also often associated with youth.

For aging men, rising levels of estrogen in their bodies compound the disadvantage of the loss of testosterone. Some men in their fifties actually have more estrogen in their systems than women of the same age ! this combination can lead to increased fat and weight gain and can also make it very difficult to lose excess fat.

As men age and body fat begins to accumulate, levels of aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen, increase. These higher estrogen levels and lowered testosterone levels boots production of aromatase even further, making weight loss increasingly difficult.

While young women do produce small amounts of testosterone in their bodies (although minuscule compared to levels in young men), which help them to maintain lean bodies, postmenopausal women generally have extremely low testosterone levels.

This decrease in testosterone partially explains why women often experience dramatic weight gain after menopause. The loss of fat-burning, muscle-building testosterone can make weight loss close to impossible for many aging women. Harnessing Your Hormones.

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