Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Toxic Estrogens and Xenoestrogens

Toxic Estrogens and Xenoestrogens
Toxic Estrogens and xenoestrogens, You are probably aware of numerous environmental health hazard such as polluted air or foods laced with pesticide and preservatives. But you are likely unaware of the artificial hormones in our environment and food that can poison our bodies by suppressing our natural fat-burning hormones.

Products we use and foods we eat every day are full of synthetic chemical, called xenoestrogens (xeno, meaning “foreign”), which are structurally similar to natural estrogens. Xenoestrogens can be toxic to our hormones systems and can disrupt the function of both testosterone and estrogen, enhancing fat storage and suppressing fat burning.

Xenoestrogens have already been linked to hormonal poisoning also leads to prostate cancer. In woman, xenoestrogens enhance the effect of prescription estrogens, which in turn leads to maximum fat storage and huge increase in the risk of breast cancer. I expect future research to find that xenoestrogens promote other types of cancer as well.

Toxic Estrogens, Because of their omnipresence in our environment, xenoestrogens are extremely difficult to avoid, but many can be eliminated by simply choosing to eat and use natural products. A recent study even suggest that eating organic foods can increase male sperm counts, most likely as a result of consuming fewer xenoestrogens. The only way to actually combat the xenoestrogens you can’t evade is to minimize their effect through optimal hormone function on the hormone revolution program.
  • Common Substance Containing Xenoestrogen
  • Presticides
  • Processed foods
  • Plastic bottles and cups
  • Standard laundry detergents and other household cleaning products
  • (national brands found in most supermarkets)
  • Bleached paper product (coffee filter, plates, cups)
  • Synthetic estrogens in birth control pills and HRT treatments
  • (Especially those derived from horses)

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